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Challenges on the journey from data analytics to artificial intelligence

Complex analytics underpin many important decisions that affect businesses, societies and us as individuals. Biased, gut feel, and subjective decision-making is being replaced by objective, data-driven insights that allow organizations to better serve customers, drive operational efficiencies and manage risks.

Riding on the output of Data and Analytics (D&A), significant questions are starting to emerge about the trust that we place in the data, the analytics and the controls that underwrite this new way of making decisions. Trusted Analytics are the cornerstone for the valuable data insights and decision making process. To create a place of trust, organizations must overcome their main data challenges: quality, effectiveness, integrity, and security.

As organizations adopt Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities, they need to harness the power of Trusted Analytics to implement agile and innovative solutions, address risks, and solve challenges.

How can your organization bridge the gap between data strategies and Trusted Analytics?

Join industry experts Ronald van Loon, Maurice op het Veld, Sander Klous, and Mark Kemper in this webinar for a conversation designed to help your organisation close the Trusted Analytics gap.

Please watch the recorded version below.

Webinar: Bridging the Analytics Trust Gap

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